Festival International de Cerf-Volant de Dieppe

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This space is reserved for the information of the visitors who wish to go to the festival

The festival will take place from September 8 to 16, 2018 on the Dieppe waterfront

During the next weeks, you will find useful informations for your visit and your stay in Dieppe.

Wednesdays August 29 and September 5 come to meet Tao, the little dragon of the festival!

from 14h to 17h in the shopping center of the Belvedere in Dieppe, we offer free photography sessions

in a setting of Dragons, in the presence of Tao, the mascot of the 2018 festival.

The photos are proposed for children or family. Digital photos will be visible and downloadable on the web.

Paper prints and high-definition versions can be ordered from the photographer's website, Yann Pelcat.

Studio Pelcat
16 Rue de la République, 76200 Dieppe


The outline of the program :

Download here

Great Evening « Cambodia » the first Saturday of the festival (8 sept) 8.30 pm at the Casino of Dieppe

Khmer classical ballet show and fashion show (traditional and contemporary costumes).
Warning ! Places limited - BOOK NOW on the ACK website:


See the video !


DURING 9 DAYS - from 08th to 16th september 2018

◊ Commented flights of the official delegations.
◊ Cambodia, guest of honor.
◊ Creative workshops: Conception of artistic kites.
◊ Stunt kites: Kite ballets from international teams.
◊ Fighting Kites with international champions.
◊ Wind garden: Structures and aeolians music.
◊ Discovery and initiation with all type of kites.
◊ Initiation of aerial photography and video.
◊ Space “Children and Youth”: Workshops, flights.
◊ Exhibitions – On the village and in the city center.
◊ Animations: Shows and concerts.
◊ Stands with activities: “Couleur Corbeau” (Story-teller), and Agnel.
◊ In the city center: Cycle of Cambodian cinema.
◊ In the village: Stands of the delegations, workshops, kite’s shop, exhibitions,

bar and restaurant area, institutional and partners area.

1st WEEK-END - 08 and 09.09.2018
◊ Official opening ceremony.
◊ Show of the delegation “guest of honor“.
◊ Presentation and take-off of the invited delegations.
◊ Great cambodian evening at the Casino:
Traditional dances and fashion show.
◊ Wind garden contest.
◊ Parade in the city center and on the sea (Sunday 09/09).
◊ Spectacle and concerts in the village:
- Saturday 8/09 at 6 pm: Makaziwe Concert.
- Sunday 9/09: Batucada O Maracuja, and at 6 pm: Gaume Concert.

Wednesday 12.09.2018
◊ Children’s day.
- 6 pm: Makaziwe Concert.

Thursday 13.09.2018
◊ Great take-off of the Dieppe territory’s companies, at 6.30 pm.

Friday 14.09.2018
◊ Concert at 7 pm: Elegant Tramp.

2nd WEEK-END - 15 and 16.09.2018
◊ World Cup of fighting kites.
◊ Creative kite contest.
◊ Spectacles and concerts: Saturday 15/09.
- at 1.30 pm: Spectacle “Dieppe Dancing Studio”.
- at 7.30 pm: Fool Moon and Cour Supreme Concerts.
- Night Flight: “Sound and light show” (Saturday 15/09 at 10pm).


Click here to download the Dieppe Traffic Plan during the festival


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